Seafood Aliss is our flagship brand focuses on the processing, sales and marketing of fresh and frozen seafood products. We have been growing steadily to position ourselves among the leading frozen seafood companies nationally and internationally.


We have more than 15 years of experience in this business. Currently we have our commercial headquarter in the Maritime Port of Malaga and establishments in Panama, Mauritania and Senegal.

Professionalism, commitment and excellent service


We have a professional team who are experts in the industry and specialize in the production, importation and commercialization of fishery products from sea and fish farming, both fresh and frozen products from Spain and around the world.


We offer personalized attention tailored to the needs of each company, serving different markets with superior service and a wide selection of premium products.


Throughout our history, we make a careful selection of raw materials to ensure that our products are of high quality. Efficiently supplying wholesalers, restaurants, fishmongers, frozen shops, supermarkets, hotels etc.


All product processing is carried out in Spain and we ensure that our products are distributed to the final consumers at their optimal quality.


We pride ourselves on our ability to evolve, in response to the changes taking place in the industry, incorporating new products, systems, presentations and offering maximum guarantees.


Since the beginning, we started with the aim of establishing ourselves as a leading company at a national and international level which is solid, efficient and highly competitive in the processing and commercialization of organic fishery products.


For this, we work continuously with the intention to offer our customers quality service, preserving the natural properties without chemical additives, ensuring the highest quality and with the commitment to be better every day. We provide the necessary human and financial resources to compete in the national and international markets.


We focus on continuous improvement of our facilities and procedures to anticipate market needs and be more competitive. Do not hesitate, choosing Seafood Aliss is choosing reliability, quality and commitment.


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