Common name: Langosta /Spiny Lobster    |  Scientific Name: Panulirus Argus / Reguis

Catch Area: FAO 27/ FAO 34  |  Prepared in: Spain |  Average size: T1: 3-4 OZ, T2: 4-5 OZ, T3: 5-6 OZ, T4: 6-7 OZ, T5: 7-8 OZ, T6: 8-10 OZ, T7: 10-12 OZ, T8: 12-14 OZ, T9: 14-16 OZ, T10: 20UP

Packaging: 10libras / 4.535 kg




The common lobster of the Caribbean (Panulirus argus) is also known as Florida lobster, spiny lobster, West Indian lobster or Caribbean spiny lobster.


It inhabits in warm seas, exists in abundance in Australia, where it looks for rocky, sandy or muddy bottoms that are near the coast and beyond the edge of the continental platform, since it prefers the shallow waters. It captures its prey such as squids, worms, starfish or sea urchins with its first legs due to its prehensile capacity.


It is a species of decapod crustacean that lives in the reefs and mangroves of the western area of the Atlantic Ocean. They can reach up to 60 cm long, but usually measure around 20 cm.


Nutritional table

Nutritional values

Amount per serving


Total Fat

Saturated fat






Serving Size: 3.5 oz

Calories 111     Calories from fat 13.5


1.50g - 2%

0.235g - 1%

69mg - 23%

20.43g - 41%

1.21mg - 7%

176mg - 7%


* Percent daily values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.

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